Sunday, January 24, 2010

75 Year-old Ted Lennox 1st Time Hiker

Ted's unique perspective on the challenges he faced and the pleasures he experienced as a first-time hiker will delight and entertain listeners, including those, who like he, are blind. At top left, Ted is pictured with Rough reading the sign at the start of the Beane Trail. He describes his training hikes and overnight backpacking trips on the Beane Trail and Skylight Pond Trail. At right above, Tumble and Ted ford a stream on the Skylight Pond Trail. Ted also offers advice and tips for other first-time hikers. At left below, Ted celebrates his safe completion of a two-day backpacking trip. Listen to Ted on as he tells the world about his exciting and satisfying adventure.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Joe Figura's

Joe Figura, known on the trail as "Rolling Stone", sits peacefully at the MacArthur Bridge on the Long Trail near Route 9 (right). Joe is doing what he loves to do, that is, hiking on the Long Trail. In 2009 he and his daughter "Blue Tang" (pictured, below) backpacked from the Mass. border to Killington.
Joe is bringing the Long Trail community together online with his new website, available to users now on the Internet. Listen to our podcast with Joe as he describes his concept for the site as well as its features which include hiker discussion boards, the Green Mountain Club's End-to-Enders Guide, trip reports, and much more.
Joe plans to continue to enhance the site so that LT hikers can find the information they need when planning a trip.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day Hike the Long Trail End-to-End?

Yes, that's right. Aaron Schoenberg is coordinating and leading a series of week-long day hikes in his quest to complete the entire Long Trail. He is pictured, at left, in July 2008, on Mount Mansfield's Adam's Apple overlooking the Lake of the Clouds. For the six-year journey at one week per year, Aaron plans the daily itineraries and makes arrangements for his groups of 14-23 hikers to get to and from the trail and stay overnight in nearby housing. Through 2009 they have hiked south from the Canadian border to Middlebury Gap. Listen to Aaron describe how he does it and what he has experienced so far in our podcast at
2010 Update:  In August, Aaron and his group completed their 4th year (of six), day hiking from Middlebury Gap to Route 4 in Killington.  Only 2 more years of week-long outings and just over 100 miles to go!