Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Keld - Long Trail Enthusiast

Keld, a sixty-something Vermont resident, resumed hiking a few years ago after a 30-year absence from the trail. At right, he stands on the Long Trail in Ladder Ravine on the north side of Burnt Rock Mountain. Listen to Keld as he enthusiastically talks about his participation in a group which is day hiking the entire Long Trail over six years. Keld was in on the journey from the beginning and now, 3 years in, has hiked halfway from the Canadian border to Massachusetts. Enjoy your stay on

Friday, February 5, 2010

Rough and Tumble at Duxbury Window

Tumble cools her boots while she relaxes on the GMC's Montpelier Section's memorial bench overlooking Duxbury Window. She and Rough have just backpacked south on the Long Trail up Bamforth Ridge on a cool July day. Listen in as they relax and chat about other hikers they met and how much they enjoy being out on the trail. Tumble even reveals what she has planned for that evening's vegan dinner. Enjoy this and other podcasts on