Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sucker Brook Shelter

Here's a September 3, 2008 photo of Sucker Brook Shelter which is just off the Long Trail and the first shelter north of Brandon Gap and south of Middlebury Gap. The shelter sits at the base of Worth Mountain which is a steep climb if you're heading north from the shelter. Going south, you get to hike up Romance Mountain where there's a nice look-off to the west.

This shelter is where I interviewed Long Trail thru-hiker "Ernie". The 9/3/2008 podcast of our conversation can be found at longtrailpodcast.com under the heading "Voices From The Trail."

Sucker Brook has a fairly reliable water source from the stream immediately to the west of the shelter. There's also a privy on site and several good tent or hammock sites. You can also reach this shelter using a one-mile side trail, the Sucker Brook Trail, which approaches from a USFS road to the west.


PS - Hiker Ernie e-mailed that he got off the trail at Jonesville on September 8th after several falls in the Camel's Hump area. He was very determined to finish so he resumed his hike in October and, after battling rain, wind, and snow, he completed his thru-hike on October 26th. This is a photo of Ernie at the boundary post.

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