Friday, November 28, 2008

JB, BJ, and Rough reach Journey's End Camp

It took us 48 hours, from Friday night until Sunday night and we hiked through lots of rain, high wind, limited visibility, and mud. On the right is BJ at Chet's Lookout on Buchanan Mountain and, below, we are sitting at Journey's End Camp II on June 29, 2008, thirty minutes after reaching the Long Trail's Northern Terminus at the Vermont/Canadian border.

Our hike north from Hazen's Notch was not without peril and adventure, and you can listen to the whole tale (in three segments) on . I made it but got a strong Long Trail lesson on what it's like to hike in less than optimal conditions with less than optimal physical conditioning.

Journey's End Camp was built by the Green Mountain Club in the fall of 2003 and replaced its older namesake which was located a few tenths of a mile to the east. This is a beautiful enclosed camp with a good water source nearby. The camp is located just off of Journey's End Trail which leads west to the northern end of the Long Trail.


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